Tuesday, September 26, 2006

there's no sparing my blushes...

... not when there's a sock yarn contest going on!
crafty fox (which i came across from stariel's blog) is having a contest entitled "remember when i loved...". the idea is that we 'fess up to our most embarrassing childhood crushes, including the best (and by that i mean so-good-it's-the-worst-thing-you've-ever-seen) picture you can find of your ex-crush from a google image search. so here i go...
...remember when i loved... corey feldman? (i know. let us never mention this again.). i was about 7 or 8, totally geeky (only a couple of years away from the glasses/braces/slightly chubby combo that ensures you get no dates until you're at least 16). i loved books more than anything, and always got picked last for team sports in gym class. i also had a big crush on a boy at my school (who shall remain nameless, in case he someday googles his own name & this blog comes up!) - mainly, because he had the corey feldman hair. the best (worst) picture i could find:

yikes.* (that's got to be embarrassing enough to win).
i also had a brief thing for george michael, once the corey feldman phase passed, but let's not even go there - clearly, i didn't know about the whole gayness thing yet (his, or indeed mine, as it turned out).
i still like leather jackets, though.

* (nobody's ever going to read my blog again after that, are they?)


DebbieKnitter said...

BWwwaaahhhaahahaa I just HAD to comment on how funny this post is. I too, saddly enough, had that Corey Feldman thing going on BRIEFLY I might add LOL.

tatjana said...

Gimme a second, my side hurts....lol. That's just awesome, thanks for entering! I'm really enjoying these :)