Tuesday, September 12, 2006

lucky me

i feel like i've been complaining a lot recently. although i've got a lot on my mind lately, and a lot of irritating & stressful things to deal with, sometimes i feel like i should try to focus more on the good things that i have (because despite my current trials & tribulations, i am still lucky enough to have a lot of good things in my life). presenting "lucky tuesdays".... *
today i am lucky because i managed to catch the pup in a brief moment of adorable cuteness. he's a rescue pup, and is only about 18 months old - we've had him since last summer, when he was found in glasgow as a six-month-old stray. when he came to live with us, he only weighed eight kilos (for reference, he weighs 14 kilos now & is still a lean & fit pup) and you could see all his ribs; he was dirty & bedraggled; he wasn't housetrained; and to top it all off, he had kennel cough (which meant he was up all night coughing, so none of us got any sleep!). i'd never had a dog before, although the resident sock appreciator had, and for the first three weeks or so, i was in tears of exhaustion & frustration about 85% of the time. now, although he's still a work in progress, he's healthy, happy, and (mostly) well-behaved.
i'd never seen a dog "dream" before (although i had heard about it) and had no idea just how cute and funny it was to watch. so today, i watched a dog dream....

.... lucky me.

* hopefully this will become a regular feature on my blog, and i'd love it if the (few) people who read this will take inspiration & start doing the same thing - i'd love to see what makes you lucky, and maybe in the process we can cheer each other up.

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