Thursday, September 28, 2006


i've been spinning for most of the afternoon - unfortunately for the resident sock appreciator, mistakes made by those on high at work meant that she had to stay late this afternoon to sort out other people's problems. the upside (for me, at least - i'm pretty sure there's no upside to it for her!) is that i had more spinning time (selfish, eh?). the problem with spinning is it's more of an anti-social hobby for me than knitting - while i'm knitting, i can carry on a conversation, watch a movie, etc. but i can't yet manage that & spin at the same time; not to mention that if my wheel was plonked down in the middle of the living room, the pup would have far too much fun investigating things ("mmm!! smells like sheep!! must... eat... it..."). so my spinning time is mostly limited to when i'm home alone.
i've been desperate to spin for the past couple of days; firstly because i am in dire need of some more of this:

the merino/silk from hipknits, that i've been using to knit "icarus"... i'm about 15 rows from the end of the shawl, and i've run out of yarn. gah.
and secondly, because i received an order from scottish fibres of a sampling of fibres i haven't tried yet (shetland, gotland, and blue-faced leicester in undyed natural colours) and i was itching to try them out.
i have since discovered that i don't like spinning with gotland - it was a real struggle, and required a technique far different from my usual spinning. i found it simultaneously slippery & grabby, which made it very hard to draft, and i wasn't too enamoured with the (rubbish) single i produced. maybe more practice with it would help; i don't think i'll be buying any more in the meantime, though.
this, however, is a far, far different story.

it's the "black" shetland roving, spun into a single & waiting to be plied. it will be (hopefully) a heavy worsted weight 2 ply with a little bounce to it; something sturdy but soft & ideal for an aran-style or cabled winter hat. it's not actually black (which may be slightly hard to tell from the photo) but a deep, deep chocolate brown/black, with gray & white bits running through it which give it a fantastic depth of colour. it spun up beautifully - sleek & soft and wonderfully easy to spin. i'm feeling incredibly greedy... i want to spin it all day. i want more of it than the 100g i ordered; much, much more. i want huge piles of this roving, enough to spin myself & the resident sock appreciator & the whole world a sweater, or simply to spill out onto the floor so i can curl up on it & fall asleep.
clearly, i'm delirious from watching the wheel spin around & around... or perhaps i just need to get out more.

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Midsummer night's knitter said...

whew - that must be some yarn!