Friday, September 22, 2006

the experiment continues

the results of the dyeing experiment are finally dry. the wool (merino) is underneath, and the silk is on top... wow.

i'm loving the colour of the silk, and it's even shinier in real life. alas, i have discovered since the dyeing that it is in fact the silk that smells and not the sheep - and boy, does it smell bad. it's been stinking out the bathroom all week while it's been drying, and it was no picnic to card, either. i'm hoping the smell will go away once it's spun & washed.
here is what you get if you card for two hours...

luckily i had a feature-length taped episode of poirot to watch (itv3, i love you) so that kept my mind occupied while i struggled with my first carding attempt. it's hard work - my arms are killing me! and here's the start of the spun yarn...

i'm spinning this very roughly, thick & thin with lots of slubs. i want it to be a very textured yarn & about worsted weight or slightly thicker. i have the beginnings of an idea for handspun knit kits to sell online, so this is the prototype - i'll see how it works out & what the response is, and decide from there.
can't give too much away, spies everywhere... *

* if that sounds a bit paranoid, put it down to the start of sock wars today. somewhere, someone is plotting my doom....

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