Friday, September 08, 2006

the bluebird of happiness

it seems that although i metaphorically have the blues at the moment, i've got them literally as well, with everything in shades of blue. i've been working on spinning up the "bluebird" colourway of the hipknits merino/silk fibre, and have about a quarter of the fibre left to spin. this fibre is making me happy - admittedly i don't have a lot of spinning experience, but it's a dream to spin & the colours are beautiful.

i've also managed to finish the toe-up cashmere socks, using the leftover yarn from arisaig (also from hipknits - can you tell i'm a fan?). since they were knitted toe-up, i decided to just keep going until i ran out of yarn, resulting in nearly-knee-socks that are the softest socks i've ever felt, and almost too good for my feet (or anyone's feet, for that matter!).

and last (but definitely not least!) the wonderful nell-nell from knitty, in response to a post about my regrettable lack of sewing skills, has made me a beautiful case for my double pointed needle collection (which, with my ever-increasing sock obsession, was getting a bit out of hand).

so it's a blue week - some of it bad (stress, worry, general bleah-ness), but it's been balanced out by the good stuff (cashmere, spinning and presents).

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soCherry said...

Wow! Love the handspun and the gorgeous socks.

Hopefully see you on Tuesday for a good catch up :)

Thinking of you
Elaine x