Saturday, September 23, 2006

battle stations!!

the pattern has been released for sock wars & i have received my dossier with target details. i don't know how much i can reveal about who they are... i don't want to keep them too updated on my progress (on the off-chance that they stumble across my blog) as i'd prefer to sneak up on them & kill them before they know what's happened...
i can reveal that i'm halfway through the foot of the first sock, but i don't know how much they have to fear at the moment as i can't post anything till monday anyways. my target is uk-based though, so hopefully royal mail won't let me down!!
i've assembled my arsenal - yarn (debbie bliss casmerino dk), bamboo dpns, coffee, chocolate, wine (for later - don't worry, the war hasn't driven me to drink this early in the day!) and lots of dvds. wish me luck!
whoops - i just noticed that on yarnmonkey's blog there is a list of assassins & targets, so my target may already know who i am... in that case, thomasina, i'm coming to get you!!!

p.s. my target works for the OED - how cool is that? i'm thinking maybe if i promise not to kill her, she can get me a job...

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