Tuesday, September 19, 2006

battle preparations

in order to get ready for sock wars, i first had to clear the current sock work in progress, the basic toe-up koigu socks for the resident sock appreciator. we had been planning to go away for the weekend, but recent health problems combined with my current inability to drive put those plans on hold. given that she's had to put up with a lot lately, what with everything, i decided a pair of nice socks were in order.

yarn: koigu kpppm in colour p313, 2 hanks
needles: clover bamboo dpns, 2.5mm
pattern: basic stockinette toe-up using a similar construction to knitty's baudelaire with a few modifications

and, i have assembled my arsenal in preparation for the release of the sock wars pattern on friday. beware, my target, for i will assassinate you with cashmerino, and the knitting bag of doom!!

1 comment:

scarybez said...

eek - that reminds me - must get swatching in preperation.