Tuesday, September 26, 2006

alive & kicking... so far

well, i haven't been assassinated yet... i think i've managed to strike it lucky so far as there was a local holiday here yesterday for the postmen, so there were no deliveries being made. when i came home from my walk with the pup this morning, though, there was a "you missed delivery of a package" slip... eek. i couldn't resist going to pick it up - the mail-related curiosity was greater than my fear of the socks of doom - but luckily for me it was this:

my order from scottish fibres! clockwise from the top: black shetland, , oatmeal blue-faced leicester, moorit (brown) shetland, and gray gotland. (there were no labels, so i'm guessing, but i'm pretty sure i'm right).
so far, i've been spinning only merino or merino/silk blends, so i thought it was time to try something new. alas, i don't have time to start spinning any of these up today (or tomorrow either, probably) so i've only been able to fondle the little bundles of roving, but so far the black shetland is my favourite - super-soft, and more of a brown than a black, almost like green & black's dark chocolate (also a favourite) & with incredible depth of colour. the blue-faced leicester seems even softer, but the gotland feels a bit scratchy in roving form, although who knows how it will spin up. i've signed up for the spin-to-knit swap so i definitely need some more spinning practice before december!
as far as sock wars go, here's as much as i can figure out at the moment. i've killed my target, but not before she sent her socks to her target, who lives in the states. from the looks of her target's blog, she also seems to have finished & sent her socks, although i don't know where. so does this mean (provided that i stay alive) that i should get sent the socks of my target's target's target??? my brain hurts...

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