Wednesday, June 21, 2006

and it started so well

well, i had what i thought was an extremely productive start to the day. even though i'm still feeling ill, and it was pouring rain, i dragged myself (& pup) out for a run, and managed the second workout from week five of the "couch to 5k" (although this week is kicking my butt - 20 minutes solid running next workout? you've got to be kidding!). i confirmed that a long-awaited bank transfer has finally gone through, which means i'm not as completely broke as usual. the rain stopped, so i did a load of laundry & hung it outside, and i even dropped the car off at the garage for new tires (which it's been needing for a while) and a new wing mirror (which some little punk broke off last weekend - grrr.) however...
when i came home after dropping off the car, i realised that i was locked out of the flat. i'd taken the yale key off my keyring this morning to go running, so i wouldn't have to carry the whole set, and had forgotten to put it back on before going out with the car. the other set of keys was a 2 hour round trip away, and of course i had no car, so i had to run for the train with no jacket & without having had any food since breakfast.* while i was out, it rained on my laundry which was hanging outside, so that all has to be rinsed & spun again & hung up inside. and when i finally got off the train back here & was walking home with the keys... i got drenched by a bus driving through a muddy puddle. sigh... if there was ever a case for drinking early in the day, today is it.
this evening i will be mostly hiding, wrapped in a blanket & watching tv, in case the universe is still out to get me.

* on the plus side, though, is the fact that i often go out to hang up laundry or pick up milk & the paper unshowered & in ratty track pants & sweatshirt - at least i was locked out in presentable clothes & carrying my phone & wallet!


soCherry said...

Aww - how sucky! Hope you didn't catch a cold- sounds like my night... freezing and damp is the worst!
Elaine x

the kitchener bitch said...

Boo - poor you! Sounds super-sucky - wishing you a MUCH better day.

ZumaGirl74 said...